"Pat's Zumba class is always fun and creative.  She warms us up and makes us constantly aware of our heart rate.  Pat teaches us how to modify steps or routines to match our own physical needs.  The cool down at the end of class slows the heart rate and I have never had a body ache.  I really enjoy her creative routines and variety of music." - Judith D.

"Pat makes her Zumba routines fun and easy to follow.  The class is different every time so you don't get bored.  Pat is always available before and after class for questions" - Jenny S.

"Pat continues to make her Zumba classes fun and is constantly making new routines to challenge your mind and body.  I am addicted to Zumba because of Pat's ongoing concern for her students and her never ending challenging new and energizing routines." - Kathy M.

"Pat's teaching style is always positive and upbeat.  When she teaches a new routine that she has choreographed it is always done with a "You can do it attitude."  Each of her basic routines is designed so that added complexity and energy levels can be easily incorporated" - Laura K.

"Pat is an inspirational and energetic Zumba instructor.  Her routines are challenging, fun, easy to learn and follow.  My fitness level has improved tremendously since beginning her classes.  As our instructor Pat encourages us to move at our own pace while continuing to improve our stamina and challenging us to reach our fitness goals.  It is a workout that makes you glad you came." - Sue F.